My Birthday Feast


James K. (“Diego”) McAlister





I could hardly wait to go

At Christmas break to Mexico,

To feel hot sand beneath my feet

On a sunny, tropic beach.


On New Year’s Day my birthday came.

Presents, fun, it was like a game.

I heard crashing waves and watched palms sway --

The sights and sounds of my great day.


The feast arrived, and I was ready

As I clasped a fluffy Teddy

(My birthday gift of Two Thousand One.

That birthday had been lots of fun!)


In a room with streamers and confetti

They brought my favorite dish:  spaghetti.

Conversation was going ‘round,

Until I heard melodic sounds.


A Mariachi band did play

As if it were a holiday.

The men were dressed like neon signs

In sequined suits that looked so fine!


The orchestra then marched my way

While people sang “Happy Birthday!”

My cake smelled like a ripe strawberry,

And on top, a bright, red cherry.


After the party I was tired,

But could not rest, ‘cuz I was wired.

My Dad yawned, “Quiet!  Not a peep!”

So finally I went to sleep.


© 2004 James K. McAlister