End of Season


In loving memory of Zerakhanu Kassam,  1927 - 2003


Neil Harding McAlister





The sunset shatters on the lake.

Its shards impale our dazzled eyes,

As into myriad pieces break

Reflections of the fiery skies.


A chill foreboding rides the wind.

The nervous birch and poplar shiver,

While all along the shoreline’s bend

The fading water lilies wither.


The glory shall be quickly lost

That crowns the flaming maple trees.

Wise refugees from early frost,

A vee of geese now southward flees. 


A vacant chair waits on the lawn

That slopes down gently to the shore,

Recalling summers come and gone.

She cannot stay to greet one more.


Another circuit ‘round the sun

Has traced another passing year.

Our seasons vanish, one by one --

And all too soon, December’s here.


How is it, in these dying days,

That evening skies should burn so bright?

Too brief this desperate, Autumn blaze

That heralds Winter’s solemn night. 



© 2003, Neil Harding McAlister

Kenogami, Ontario, Canada


contact:  neilmac “at” durham.net