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Contemporary formal poetry by the McAlister Clan

Brigadoonery, noun: What often happens when people who were not born in Scotland pretend to be Scottish anyway.  (The results can be hilarious!)


Ach!  Me poor bagpipes!If ye canna' hear the bonnie music, lads and lassies, then you're missing half the fun!  Background MIDI music on every page starts automatically with modern versions of Internet Explorer. (If it doesn’t work for you, we apologize, but there is no “gold standard” for every browser.) Our tunes are optimized for the Soundblaster Live! sound card. Use good headphones, or better still, a hefty stereo amplifier and BIG speakers so you can feel the tuba and drums!

Most music on this website consists of our original compositions and arrangements, and a couple of Barry Taylor's renditions of traditional tunes, used with his kind permission.

Scotland the Brave, trad., arr. by Neil Harding McAlister, © 1997

The Brigadoonery ! pages were created for the delectation and amusement of virtual Scotsmen and women everywhere by an N-th generation Scottish-Canadian “wannabee.”

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v     Brigadoon – our favorite Broadway “musical”

v     Macbeth was Framed

v     The Great McGonagall: Scotland’s Worst Poet

v     The Heelan’ Fling

v     A Highland Laddie -- or Lady ?!?

v     The Stone of Destiny

v     A Wee Drammie

v     A Spooky Story

v     Highland (fun and) Games

v     Poet’s Corner 

v     Edinburgh, from haggis to Mars bars

v    Thoughts of Home -- a new “Scottish” song 

v     The BRIGADOONERY Grab-Bag


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