The Real Hallowe’en

Trick or Treat Song



Zara McAlister




Trick or Treat!

Bloody feet!

These are creatures

You will meet …


A pumpkin head,

Dead in a flower bed,

Glares and makes you

Shiver with dread.


Ghostly bats

Swoop down on cats

Chasing after

Ugly rats.


Chilly breeze

Rustles trees

And dead leaves,

Scaring you with ease.


A bubbling brew

Of  sickening stew

Is made by a witch

To cast spells on you.


An old house hosts

Some shrieking ghosts --

And if you enter,

You are toast!


Frankenstein groans

And mummies moan.

Skeletons shake

Their rattling bones.


Zombies, monsters,

Pirates, ghouls

Make us run

Like frightened fools.


Vampires sneak

For a midnight treat,

And when they eat

They leave you weak.


Werewolves howl

At the moon’s pale light,

To give you a fright

On Hallowe’en Night.


So when you Trick or Treat that night,

Be careful, child, be careful!


Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!



© 2001

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